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Video endoscope for the
«Smart Workmate» tablet

certified for work in explosive

Unique equipment
unparalleled in the Russian market

The “Smart partner” video endoscope from Kuzbass-TsOT Electro LLC is the only certified explosion-proof video endoscope approved for use in hazardous industries, in the mining, gas and oil refining industries.

The endoscope is an additional device that extends the capabilities of the Smart Workmate tablet. It allows you to inspect the inner surface of vertical (including with the supply of the endoscope “from the bottom”) and horizontal wells. This equipment is used in new mining operations to inspect places that are dangerous for humans or inaccessible to them (for example, inspection of the face of a collapse, inspection and performance assessment of hard-to-reach cavities of machines and mechanisms for the purpose of further repair and maintenance).

A video endoscope allows you to view and study almost any hidden surface of various objects without violating their integrity.

for regular use in high abrasive environments
Working temperature
from -20°С to + 50°С
reliability even in the most difficult climatic conditions of Russia
of 6 leds
for manipulations in large spaces without additional illumination
Protection class
Dustproof and waterproof for harsh environments
Main characteristics
  • 1 Handle
  • 2 Flexible-rigid
    metal sleeve up to 20m
  • 3 Metal
    camera protection
  • 4 Resolution camera
  • 4 Protective
    replaceable glass
  • 4 LED
Explosion protection level РО Ex ia I X 0Ex ia IIC T4 X
Working temperature ° C from -20 ° С to + 50 ° С
Protection against external influences IP67
Camera resolution 1600*1200 px
Camera backlight 6 LEDs
The diameter of the distal end 22 mm
Braid material Modification of the M1 stainless steel corrugated pipe
Modification M2 – without braid
Name Quantity, pcs.
1 Endoscope 1
2 Carrying Case Bag with 2 Protective Covers for the Connector and Camcorder 1
3 Manual 1
4 Certificate of Conformity ТР ТС 012/2011 As part of the RE
5 Microfiber cloth 1
Endoscope Demonstration
The equipment complies with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 012/2011
"On the safety of equipment for work in explosive atmospheres"

Custom-made equipment

One of our advantages is that we are a specialized company that has been working with hazardous industries for decades and perfectly understands their features and needs. We are ready to meet our customer partners and provide a full range of services for the development of custom equipment:

  • Development and design of equipment for specific functionality
  • Production and Testing
  • Obtaining certificates and execution of all necessary documents
  • Specialized software development
  • Development of additional modules (endoscope, laser tape measure, etc.

We are always open to new ideas
and are in search of new partners.
If you have a need to develop specialized equipment, then leave your contacts in the form below or contact us in a way convenient for you - we are ready for discussion.
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