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tablet “Smart partner”

certified for work in explosive conditions

External intrinsically safe
connector for connecting
additional devices
Explosion protection level
PO Ex ia I X
0Ex ia IIC T4 X
in the absence of
Integrated imager
with sensitivity
up to 0.01°C
Tasks to help solve
your "smart partner"
Maintenance of equipment installed underground
Diagnostics and repair of hard-to-reach equipment
Paperless workflow in explosive environments
Fixing the state of production in harsh environmental conditions
Conducting rescue operations in emergency and limited visibility conditions
Monitoring labor protection and production processes
Key tablet benefits

Designed to work in extreme conditions

  • Certificate of Conformity ТР ТС 012/2011 allows you to use the tablet in hazardous industries, in the mining, gas and oil refining industries
  • Shockproof housing and screen glass protect against drops and scratches
  • Powerful 12,000 mAh lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous use
  • Operating ambient temperature from -20 to +50 C
  • Absolutely dustproof device, withstands immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes (protection class IP67)
  • Comfortable use even for a long time, due to the low weight of the device of 1 kg

Intrinsically safe connector for external devices

  • Safe connection of additional devices such as an endoscope, ultrasonic flaw detector, vibrometer, electric field meter, seismic activity sensor, remote camera, etc.
  • Connecting wired intrinsically safe RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces for receiving and transmitting data
  • Secure USB interface for connecting devices that require tablet power

Integrated imager

  • Thermal imaging camera allows for express thermal analysis and save the data on a tablet
  • Imager sensitivity 0.01 degrees Celsius
  • Interpolation up to 640×480
  • High-resolution thermal imaging images use MSX technology, which mixes two images (thermal and regular video) into one.
  • The ability to work in complete darkness or in smoke conditions, which is very important when conducting rescue operations in emergency conditions

operating system
Microsoft Windows 10

  • Compatible with most technical programs used in industry and manufacturing.
  • Simplifies the writing process for tablet software by enterprise professionals
  • Documents, diagrams, tables and routings can be downloaded to the tablet in the original formats

High quality shooting

  • The built-in 8 megapixel camera allows you to take high-quality photos and video clips while saving to the tablet’s hard drive.
  • A powerful flash of 36 LEDs makes it possible to take pictures in the absence of lighting

wifi adapter

  • Using the wi-fi adapter, you can transfer the image from the tablet to the projector or TV, which is extremely convenient for conducting operational reports
  • All necessary documents – tables, diagrams, drawings, etc. – stored in the original formats, so there is no need to convert them
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Main characteristics
  • 1 Mounting bracket
    additional equipment
  • 2 Bumpers for
    corner protection
  • 3 Connector protection
  • 4 Button Illumination
  • 5 Housing with protection against external influences IP67
  • 6 Speakers
  • 7 Shockproof Glass
    Gorilla Glass
Explosion protection level РО Ex ia I X 0Ex ia IIC T4 X
Working temperature ° C from -20 ° С to + 50 ° С
CPU Intel Atom 3825
Camera Sensor SONY, 8 Mpx
Camera flash 36 LEDs
Speaker 2 pcs. 1 W each
Microphone 2 pcs.
Type and volume of permanent drive 256 GB
RAM size 4 GB
Wireless interfaces WiFi 2.4 GHz GSM 3G Modem
Display 7 ”Gorilla Glass multi-touch
Working hours up to 8 hours
Protection against external influences IP67
Battery Li-ion 12000 mAh
Device Weight (g) 950
Communication opportunities
  • You can connect your tablet to an underground Wi-Fi compatible connection
  • Equipped with a modem for connecting to GSM and Wi-F mobile networks
  • Explosion-proof Local Area Network (Eth10 / 100)
  • Possibility to install NFC / RFID module– for reading RFID / NFC cards
  • Explosion-proof USB connection for devices that require tablet power
  • Possibility to install LoRa module –– transmit / receive messages over long distances
  • Explosion-proof RS-485 line – data transfer interface for industrial devices
Name Quantity, pcs.
Packaging (case with lodgement – packaging option) 1
Electronic tablet 1
USB cable combined with Ethernet / RS485 1
Charger 1
Operation Manual (OM) 1
Certificate of conformity As part of the RE
Carrying Bag (Case) 1
A screwdriver used to work with the SIM card hatch 1
Tablet demonstration
Work of the employee with MFP the tablet "Partner" in the face
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The equipment complies with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 012/2011
"On the safety of equipment for work in explosive atmospheres"

Custom-made equipment

One of our advantages is that we are a specialized company that has been working with hazardous industries for decades and perfectly understands their features and needs. We are ready to meet our customer partners and provide a full range of services for the development of custom equipment:

  • Development and design of equipment for specific functionality
  • Production and Testing
  • Obtaining certificates and execution of all necessary documents
  • Specialized software development
  • Development of additional modules (endoscope, laser tape measure, etc.

We are always open to new ideas
and are in search of new partners.
If you have a need to develop specialized equipment, then leave your contacts in the form below or contact us in a way convenient for you - we are ready for discussion.
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